How to choose a Caravan or RV water Pump

June 16,2022.

How a Singflo diaphragm pump work? 

A pressure switch is mounted to the pump's head and is exposed to the water pressure via a small diaphragm. When the water reaches a pre-set pressure. The diaphragm engages the switch,which turns power off at the pump.

When the tap is opened, a drop in pressure disengages the switch which tells the pump to start up.

How to choose a suitable pump for your vehicle?

Singflo Pumps are described by their operation voltage,flow rate and pressure. It's important to select these correctly for your application. As the pump is usually powered by your vehicle's house battery.the first step is to identify the nominal voltage of your battery bank.Most caravans & motorhomes have a 12V house battery. next consider the water flow rate which is given in "Liters" or Gallons" per minute. The higher the flow rate, the more water the pump will deliver. It's obvious that a flow rate too low will give poor performance.A 7-8L/min (2.1GPM) flow rate is normally sufficient for single tap system and 11-13LPM (3GPM) for a kitchen & shower system.

Consider the pressure of the pump which is rated in PSI or bar. when the taps are turned off.The pump will continue to run until the pressure in the water line has reached the presure switch's pre-set value. Typical RV pumps are sized between 20 and 45PSI. The pumps pressure rating has no impact on the water flow performance while the pump is running. All pumps should have a strainer or filter on the inlet side. This is required to stop debris from the water source getting into the pump and causing damage.

Suggest Singflo 12v 45PSI 3.0GPM(11.5LPM) on-demand water pressure pump which is very popular for your Caravan, Motorhome or RV.

It's including HONEYWELL micro switch which the quality is very durable.Also pumps with 2pcs 1/2''hose barb fittings and 1pcs 1/2'' filter. 

Also if you fit an accumulator which is chamber installed on the pressured water side of the pump. It has an internal air pocket or pre-pressuriezed air bladder which dampens any water surges. They help to increase the pump's lifespan and also save battery power. the model of water accumulator tank,The model is HYAT-075-125-01, The internal volume:0.75L/30.5OZ. Pre-charge: 10PSI/0.7Bar), Max.operating:125LPM/8.6GPM, Air fill valve:Standard automotive style tire valve. Inlet/Outlet Dia: 1/2''MNPT.

Final,please remember that RV pumps are not suitable for continuous use. we recommend running them for no more than 20 minutes at time.

Any more information,please visit our website: www.singflo.com

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