Singflo Best RV water pump

July 29,2022.

Singflo Best RV water pump

A water pump is an important component of any RV or camper. Water flow, power efficiency, water pump size, and the RV itself are relvent factors to be considered in determining which RV water pump is right for you.

Here is recommend our best SINGFLO RV pump for you.

1. Singflo Revolution 3.0GPM 55psi RV fresh water pump.

Model: HY-304511T  12v or 24v with 3.0Gallon per minute (11.5Liter per minute) with good pressure 55psi.

It's 4chamber diaphragm pump. Upgrade Honeywell micro switch make the pump work stability.

Work quietly with Low noise (about 50DB). it will not disturb people during all the night.

2. Singflo 12v self-priming water pump


Flow rate:3GPM /11.5LPM


It's 3 chamber diaphragm pump. it has a flow rate of 3Gallon per minute and consistent of 45psi pressure. It can self-prime up to 2meter . plus, it can be mounted at any angle. Pump with extra fuse to double pretect the motor.

3. Singflo small 12v RV/Marine water pump


Flow rate:4.3LPM /1.1GPM


If you don't care about the flow rate. suggest you smaller pump FLO-2202. it's good choose for you due to the size is small and easy to carry. price is very economical. 4.3Liter per minute is also good for washing vegatables / fruit. galley pump is good for boating,caravan,motorhome,RV,Marine,Cabin,container cabin etc.

Application of Singflo water pump

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